band sturm

Sturm (Guitar)


Sturm, Mantschgi, Just In Bieber.


Chest Hole Flute.


'Never Say Never', or the porn version 'Never Gay Never'.


Seffo from 5 clock in the morning.

I like particularly well:

Seffo till 5 clock in the morning.

My biggest mistake:

Band membership.

With whom would you most like to spend a night?

Seffo (up to 5 clock in the morning).

Biggest role model:


Best experience:

I was in India on a toilet. There in India, it has a lot of cows. But I had no toilet paper, only a single, old handkerchief in my pocket. Then I had an idea. I tore a hole in the handkerchief, so I stuck my middle finger. This then led me into the asshole. It was good. Then I turned the handkerchief around 180 degrees from left to right - over and over again. Until it was clean. Then I pulled my finger out of the handkerchief, the finger was clean. With the last piece of the hankerchief I needed to remove the residues under the fingernails.

What can I say else wanted:

For any questions regarding my handkerchief tricks I stand for you to contact me. Sincerely.