The Story

SARZ was founded in 2006 and was made up of school and leisure acquaintances. Five guys decided pursuing their musical career together. Yanick Vogel on vocals, This Camenzind on guitar, Ruedi Kälin on bass, Roman Hermann on keyboards and drummer Markus von Euw dedicated themselves to „rock 'n' roll“. They could make their first experiences on stage and took part in the 2007 contest BandX. The efforts paid off, the winner was called SARZ.

In summer 2008, SARZ went to the Dream Sound Studios for the recording of ‚Cock Rock Army’, the first single. Shortly after publishing, Ruedi left the band. Later on, Severin Bruhin joined SARZ as the new bass player. With Roman Dobler, a rhythm guitarist played for the first time in the band. He was later replaced by Manuel Sturm.

In autumn 2010 followed a highlight of the band's history: SARZ & Symphony. For this project, bassist Severin Bruhin arranged the songs for the ‚Symphony Orchestra Ausserschwyz’. The two sold-out concerts were a great success.

In 2011, the recordings for the debut album "Rock N Roll Kills" started. Matthias Hillebrand (Phat Media Studio) was the ideal man at the mixing desk, as he brought some new ideas into the songwriting of the band.

Markus von Euw decided to leave the band. SARZ was looking for a new drummer. For the recording sessions, the world-class drummer Mylious Johnson (Pink, Jovanotti, Tiziano Ferro) played a few songs. For the live concerts, Marcel Lienert took place behind the drums. While the recordings took shape more clearly, SARZ took part in the most important national band contest "MyCokemusic Soundcheck". After several rounds of voting and two live concerts (including the Open Air Gampel) SARZ was in the final and reached the sensational third place.

The year 2012 was entirely dedicated to the recordings for the debut album. SARZ released the soundtrack to the book 'Das Verlorene Dorf' by Rahel Hefti. The innovative idea of the author to combine a book with a song, sparked numerous enthusiastic responses.

In 2013, it's now all about the album release of "Rock N Roll Kills". The band hopes to gain ground in music business.