5 July 2014

SARZ @ Rock im Tenn & WM

The Zapfi Guys (www.zapfi.ch) have there annual party in their house-bar. This time with SARZ and WC quarterfinals... at the same time!! Good food n drinks!

25 July 2014

SARZ am Falk Lorelei

This year we play the great Falk Lorelei in Siebnen, SZ. Showtime is 8 pm. More infos: www.falklorelei.ch.

30 August 2014

SARZ bei Carmens Hochzeit

Carmen celebrates her wedding, ifyoudidn'tknow! But in that case, you're not invited anyway.

7 August 2014

SARZ auf der Insel Lützelau

Because fucking St. Petrus fucked it up with the weather last year, we try again this summer!

27 September 2014

SARZ @ Rock-Night Feusisberg

Annually there's the Rock-Night taking place in Feusisberg. If we're not there drinking, we love to play it! This time together with Jailbreak and Trio Holdrio. This'll be oowwesome!!