8 February 2014

District 28 in Siebnen

The ghost of the legendary 'Terra - House of Rock' in Pfäffikon, that actually closed some years ago, comes to life again. Like the rise of the phoenix, the District 28 opens its doors loud and full of sweat!

(We play two weeks after that happening)

20 March 2014

«Das Verlorene Dorf» am Kollegium Schwyz

And our on-site inspection in schools will go further on. Next stop: Kollegium Schwyz!

4 April 2014

«Das Verlorene Dorf» in der Oberstufenschule Bollwies, Jona

We're doing our part to the good results of the Swiss students at the PISA study. Next: Oberstufenschule Bollwies in Jona.

4 April 2014

The Pirates in Hinwil

By now, the pirates in Hinwil is still pretty fucking awesome!

Be there...

30 April 2014

Zürcher Hochschule der Künste

There's a party. We play there. But unplugged.